Supplement your next boozy evening with Intoxicase for iPhone

Supplement your next boozy evening with Intoxicase for iPhone
There is nothing more frustrating then getting ready to crack open a cold beer only to realize someone misplaced the bottle opener. The next few minutes are usually filled with frantic searching, fashioning a makeshift opener out of a lighter, or “that guy” attempting to impress everyone by opening a bottle with his teeth.

In the latest edition of “Why didn’t I think of that?” comes the Intoxicase. The Intoxicase is a rugged protective case that fits the iPhone 4 and 4S and has a bottle opener built right on to the back. It comes in two flavors, Intoxicase and Intoxicase Plus. The original retails for $35 and is available now. The second hasn’t been released just yet, but will retail for $45. It can be preordered for $35 from the Intoxicase website.

Once you start your evening (or morning, who are we to judge?), you may be curious as to how many you’ve put back. Both cases come with a supplemental app that tracks your alcohol intake. The app is also able to provide a list of taxi services in your area in the event you’ve had too many (great idea) and it allows you to update your social network status to let everyone know you’re drinking (probably a bad idea).

Check out the video below to see a little bit about how the Intoxicase came about and how it was tested by bartenders in local bars.

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source: Intoxicase via Gizmodo

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