Street Fighter IV for the iPhone will test your thumbs

Street Fighter IV for the iPhone will test your thumbs
If there's going to be a game that really tests your thumbs on the iPhone, then it'll have to be one of the greatest arcade fighting games of all time. Capcom's Street Fighter IV is being ported over to the Apple iPhone and giving gamers a much needed challenge in getting their thumbs into shape. Capcom is meticulously going all out as they bring all of the wonderful looking graphics, eclectic mix of characters, and most importantly, the control scheme of controlling your fighter. They've spent months on bringing over the full console experience by simplifying the attack buttons so you'll be focused on your opponent. Currently the only two fighters that are confirmed to be playable are Ken and Ryu – the original tandem that started it all back in its heyday. When it comes to multiplayer support, it won't be possible over Wi-Fi – instead, it'll rely on Bluetooth to accomplish that. Even though it's expected to be released eventually, there is no word surrounding its price or exact release date.

via IntoMobile


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