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  • Sprint to partner with Openwave to take on BlackBerry App World and others?

Sprint to partner with Openwave to take on BlackBerry App World and others?

Posted: , by Alan F.

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Sprint to partner with Openwave to take on BlackBerry App World and others?
With Verizon deciding to compete with the Android Market and BlackBerry's App World in the competitive business of offering free and paid apps to the carrier's smartphone users, Sprint is expected to announce that it too is throwing its hat into the ring. At this upcoming week's Sprint Developer Conference, the nation's third largest carrier will go public with its partnership with Openwave. The pair are working on a way to use the carrier's "scripting engine" to speed up development of apps that will work on any platform.

In making a statement about its intentions, Sprint said that combining with Openwave to open an app store will give "BlackBerry’s Marketplace and other app stores a run for their money." Of course, many of you can see the problem with that statement right off the bat.

 Former television advertising star Dan Hesse, who happens to be Sprint's CEO in his other job, is expected to make the announcement about the Openwave partnership during his keynote address kicking off the Developer Conference. Hesse will stress how Sprint's "scripting engine" will eliminate the need to develop the same app for different OS platforms.

Why go into the business of running a competing application store? The carrier says that, "The main benefit of this is to dramatically increase the reach and penetration for mobile web developers and to also easily integrate new services into Sprint’s offerings, helping to expand their service portfolio to Sprint users." Translated, this means that Sprint has identified an area of the smartphone market that hasn't been picked over yet like a Thanksgiving turkey and sees the possibility of making a few bucks opening its own app store.

source: BlackBerryCool

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posted on 23 Oct 2010, 10:23

1. hmcougar09 (Posts: 137; Member since: 25 Jan 2009)

I think this is dumb. Why would you challenge the company that's giving you an exclusive phone's App World? I think we don't need anymore app stores. STUPID, I hope it's not successful.

posted on 24 Oct 2010, 23:58

2. OPWV (unregistered)

Very good for OPWV...

This company has so much potential

posted on 25 Oct 2010, 08:33

3. Geoff Kneed (unregistered)

Stupid if true because Openwave are a company who are nearly going out of business. They would be a poor partner to pick who are weak in this area.

In any case why would anyone now open up a new app store? There are 8,000 apps a month going on the iphone app store...and so far 3 BILLION app downloads.

How does Sprint propose to challenge that?

A better approach would be to work with Iphone and Blackberry not against

posted on 25 Oct 2010, 15:47

4. XxVerbalxX (unregistered)

agreed, working with BB or android is the way to go....but apple? they want to much control over everything. i dont see that happening

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