Sprint and Google announced a partnership

Sprint and Google announced a partnership
Today, Sprint and Google announced a new partnership, which will provide better Internet experience for the customers of the number 3 U.S. carrier. The deal will make Google, Sprint’s preferred mobile search provider and in exchange, it will grant the carrier’s clients better access to Google applications, including Google Maps for mobile, YouTube etc.

source: Sprint



1. Simdes unregistered

Is it just me or are Sprint going desperate and preparing a WWIII ... ? Well... Let's imagine Google are Russia. ^^

3. unregistered

What the hell did you just say?

5. Simdes unregistered

Use your imagination

14. Hlorri unregistered

I did not get this (imagination in overdrive).

2. thechosen1ji unregistered

its called competition buddy, it's always a good thing for the customer : )

4. Simdes unregistered

Yes, but anything uniting with Google should face an Antitrust lawsuit :D

6. thechosen1ji unregistered

how so? they are just combining web searching on their phones to better access each others services. Its not like the two companies are merging to create a monopoly... : P

7. Simdes unregistered

Yes, I was, of course, joking :) But thanks for clearing it so that people like the "anonymous" guy get it too.

8. mike1111111 unregistered

it wasn't really funny, it was confusing to read. maybe work on your delivery a little.

9. unregistered

Google's making a huge mistake dealing with a sinking ship called Sprint, they should've partnered with Verizon instead.

10. unregistered

You dont see verizon stepping up to the plate??? nights still at 9!!! thats was over and done with in the 90's. Verizon is still behind in the times there data is ok but they dont have phone as a modem sprint is just keeping up with the changing times dont see any walkie talkie servis yet from verizon??? they tried but fald badly! Sprint is going to get even bigger and be better then then verizon just look at the deal they made today with ClearWire. and Q chat comming out in less then a month. SPRINT GET ON IT!

17. Xelaz

Posts: 6; Member since: May 08, 2008

In contrast, Verizon is not sinking, it's just never been on the surface with their stupid cdma...

11. T-Money3000 unregistered

VZW has PLENTY of phones as modems you doof! Tethering. Our 6800 tethers at rev A as well. At least in my area, VZW is King. and my area is The United States!

18. Xelaz

Posts: 6; Member since: May 08, 2008

King in your dreams!

12. jamesvillan unregistered

come on! sprints a joke always has always will! now there partnering with google! whats next tmobil buys them! hahaha! ill laught sooo hard if that happens sprints is a company that takes advantage of costumers .............................they suck and they know it! FYI(verizon rules!!!!!)

13. ok unregistered

ok vzw is so wack! vzw is the king of ugly phones! sprint is movin on up! watch and see! i have att and it suck can wait for my 2year to be up so i can go back to sprint! fyi i like my iphone but not for a phone i should waited for the itouch ipod!

16. unregistered

i know a guy who can switch you to sprint and take care of the cancellation, email him at sheeraz@asytgroup.com

19. polo52521

Posts: 4; Member since: Mar 27, 2008

ha i have the ipod touch and pretty sweet. but verizon has ugly phones? im pretty sure the phone i have now is not ugly. and i'm pretty sure that sprint will never come out with the env2. haha :p and for people talking about the walkie talk thing with sprint if im not mistaken isn't that just nextel?(correct me if im wrong) but wasn't nextel part of the downfall of sprint?

15. unregistered

Some of you guys that post on here really need to take some English lessons, or at least use a spell checker. Sprint has come a long way, they're voice and data service will surpass Verizon as long as the can get pass all these set backs. These partnership will definitely give them a hand. Also with the release of their new phones and cheaper plans. They will remain a top contender. Do some research and learn to blog with some proper English.

20. anonymous unregistered

Only people that go to sprint are people with bad credit and can't get on verizon's network. Sprint will allow anybody into there network. The people that compain about verizon had a 400 dollar deposit.

21. STEVIECRACKBERRY unregistered


22. unregistered

Ha Ha! Well put. I think all customers bitch. I think Sprint is just getting desperate and is willing to pair up with any company at this point. If you ask me Verizon is waiting until Sprint is worth next to nothing and then will make an offer. It is the only likely company to do this. TMobile would be stupid to even think about purchasing Sprint. Think about the millions if not billions of dollars that they would have to invest in the network to get everyone on one system (GSM). Something that neither company has been good at so I dont feel it would be a good idea. Sure Verizon may have as what you would call them "ugly phones" but the numbers dont lie. They consistantly add more subscribers every quarter and have the lowest churn rate in the industry. Along with the best network out there. No one can argue with that. No one.

23. unregistered

Sprint's partnering with Google is genius. Only the iPhone and Helio Ocean offer the best experience with youtube. Now Sprint will be able to offer it on most phones currently in stock and if not all, then most of the news ones coming out. With the arrival of the Instinct, the Raphael, and Diamond, as well as the arrival of WiMax, Sprint is on the rise. New CEO Dan Hess has made cust svc his #1 priority as well. Sprint may well be the #2 carrier by the end of next year!!

24. Sprint43 unregistered

I totally agree,with the qChat, instinct, future devices coming to us, why do you think alot of big phone compnays want there phones with sprint cuz they know they can bank with us. VZW is just a big company. And yea tot he person who says people with bad credit go with sprint is untrue.I have kinda sorta bad credit. I got approved 3 lines no deposit for vzw. But i just chose sprint cuz of there speeds and network.

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