Spotlight: Love You To Bits is a touching iOS adventure set in outer space

Developer: Alike & Pati Download: iOS
Category: Education Price: $4

In the mood for playing a brand new game? You can try the charming, sci-fi point-and-click adventure “Love You to Bits”, which just launched on iOS. This is a cute, puzzle-filled, point-and-click sci-fi adventure which spans the whole universe. It follows the journey of Kosmo, a clumsy rookie space explorer in search of Nova, his missing robot girlfriend.

Did we ever mention Kosmo has a robotic girlfriend? Yeah, he's that kind of guy. Unfortunately, a fatal accident had all of Nova’s bits and pieces scattered in outer space, which means Kosmo has to travel between planets, retrieve Nova’s scattered hardware, rebuild her, and continue from where they started. 

As you go about reclaiming your lost love, you will explore enigmatic worlds and planets filled with bizarre alien creatures, mind-blowing puzzles, and hidden love tokens. As you go on completing levels, Kosmo and Nova’s touching love story will unravel with many surprises on the way. Each level offers an unique experience, crafted with remarkable attention to detail. The game has been in development for almost two years, and it's a labor of freedom and adoration.

“Love You to Bits” is available for $3.99 from the App Store on iPhone and iPad. Free extra levels will be added in the future, and there won't be any in-app purchases to dillute the experience.


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