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South Koreans have the best Internet speeds, USA lags behind China


According to a report by OpenSignal, which crowdsources readings from mobile networks in 95 countries, South Koreans enjoy the fastest Internet speeds in both cellular and Wi-Fi connections. They get to use up to 41.34Mbps connections on average, while Afghanistan, which is at the very bottom of the ranklist, manages 2.2Mbps. The USA averages 12.34Mbps, but lags behind Hungary (26.15Mbps), Lithuania (21.47Mbps), and China (17.95Mbps).

Wi-Fi proved the most popular type of connection on OpenSignal phones, and it's not surprising that wireless speeds tend to be faster than mobile networks in many areas. It's not uncommon for countries like Trinidad and Tobago, or Bosnia and Herzegovina to rank at the bottom end of mobile coverage and speed, but reside in the top five for time spent on Wi-Fi.

While Americans spend just over half their connected time on Wi-Fi, the Netherlands fares on the top, with users opting for wireless connections over 70% of the time – probably because of the country's great public Wi-Fi infrastructure. But, looking at the mobile side of things, the world will have a hard time catching up with South Korea. Oh well, how are those 5G networks coming along?

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