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Sony Xperia Z Ultra coming September 13 in the UK

Sony Xperia Ultra Z coming September 13 in the UK
In what can best be described as the next chapter of the “phablet wars” the one to watch for is Sony's awe-inspiring Xperia Z Ultra. The mammoth 6.44-inch 1080p (the world's thinnest, at that) has caused more than a handful of heads to turn its way, and we sure are anxious to get our geeky hands on it.

The more observant of you may remember that the general release date was set for somewhere in Q3. Of course, as is the nature of apprehension, nothing spells 'party' better than a concrete date, and we may now have one. Of course, this may change, but this is likely as official as it's gonna get before we hear it spelled out by the folks behind Sony themselves.

Health warnings aside, the XPERIA Blog rung the bell yesterday, having spotted listings of the upcoming hybrid on several UK-centric e-tailers, including Amazon, Clove and Handtec with an expected release date of September 13. If this is correct, Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 will have just days on the giant to come out of Japan, which means the two most anticipated phablets, so far, will have their destinies tied together from the start.

Back to the listings at hand – as you can see, apart from using the Sony Xperia Z as a placeholder image, the pricing of the handset itself is all over the place. XPERIA Blog notes that this is likely to be adjusted (in the case of Amazon) and expect a price more in the $910 (£600) department.

As always, bear in mind that this is not an official confirmation and could change.

source: XPERIA Blog
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