Sony Ericsson to announce three new phones next week

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Sony Ericsson to announce three new phones next week
Eldar from the Russian Mobile-Review got some time with three of the newest Sony Ericsson Walkman phones, the W902, W595 and W302. All three are expected to be announced next Tuesday and launch sometime later this year.

Sony Ericsson W902 is the high-class candybar Walkman with 5-megapixel camera, music keys on the right, 8GB M2 card in the box and Walkman 3.0 player. It will have 2.2” display, which is bigger than in the C902, but its dimensions will probably also be larger. A standard 3.5mm jack is still missing and in order to plug standard headphones, an adapter should be used. Interestingly, the right side of the phone has embossed pattern while the left is flat.

The W595 is the replacement of the W580, running on the newer A200 software platform and featuring 3G and 3.2-megapixel camera. It will be available in plenty of color variants.

SE W302 is also candybar, but this time part of the entry level. It comes with low-resolution 176x220 pixels display, Walkman 2.0, and slim metal body, resembling the old W880. Although it runs on the older software platform, it will have Send and End keys and index for the function of the central (confirm) key.

source: Mobile-Review (translate)



1. Vaan unregistered

Wow the specs are great but then again they are put down by the designs, all of them resembles the older models. I think that Sony Ericsson has the best software out of all the 5 major manufacture but their design have set them back. Sony Ericsson should start redesigning their handsets look to match it's awesome software, until then they will not lead the market. Take for example one of the the major phone manufacture LG their software is pretty average compared to Sony Ericsson's software but they win overall in the market because of their designs. This comes to show if you don't have the looks you will never show your full potential. I'm a Sony Ericsson fan too but I see now that their only fault is their phone design, that is the only thing that I see is wrong about them everything else is over the top.

2. Jonas unregistered

Are any of these phones going to come out on a US carrier anytime soon? I'm going to get the Sony Ericson W580i unless something else is coming out.

3. unregistered

definitely not soon

4. unregistered

I am getting the W580i this weekend (hopefully) but if a remake is coming out soon, im gonna get a cheap phone and then buy the unlocked W595 when it comes out. I hope it goes to at&t and it keeps the flashing lights on the side. It wont be as cool without em. PLEASE PHONEARENA, DO A REVIEW OF THE W595 WHEN IT COMES OUT!!! PLZ!!!

5. tea unregistered

true!! i want the lights so much tooooo!! but sorry to tell you , i heard they didnt keep the flashing lights on the side:(

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