Sonos wants to build home speakers that work with all AI assistants?


Sonos, a US-based tech company best known for its quality wireless home speakers, may jump on the Amazon Echo bandwagon with its own AI-powered solution. Sonos, however, may also be looking at ways to create an all-in-one device that works with more than one AI.

The details are not clear at this point, but a recent memo penned by Sonos' new CEO Patrick Spence reveals that the company may be developing a smart home speaker that is compatible with all major AI assistants. That means Alexa and Google Assistant currently, and possibly Cortana and a rumored Apple contender further down the line.

Such a move would make sense for Sonos, as the company has already asserted itself as one of the best makers of high-quality wireless speakers for the home. However, with the arrival of Amazon's Echo line of devices, the recent launch of Google Home, and the upcoming entries by other major players, the company is bound to lose some ground in a market where most contenders can do more than just play music.

Last year, the company announced that users will be able to control all Sonos speakers in their homes through their Amazon Echos, but a dedicated all-in-one may be on Sonos' mind. A wireless speaker that matches the quality of previous products by the brand and can work with all major AI assistants would be no small feat, but how the company may try to put the latter part of this plan into motion is pure conjecture at this point.

Spence's memo mentions things like “bias to action” and “more product innovation.” It also makes mention of how the company will have to “partner and compete with global leaders like Amazon, Google, and (likely) Apple.” Although this sets nothing in stone at this point, it is an interesting insight into Sonos' plans for the future. Read Spence's memo in its entirety below:

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source: TheVerge

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