So, you think the iPhone is expensive? Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 vs One M9 global price deathmatch

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Despite evidence to the contrary, the iPhone still passes for the most expensive popular handset you can buy. A lot of times it's been called "overpriced," and Android handsets given as a value alternative. Exactly how much do the freshest Android flagships cost, when compared to the iPhone 6 in the same market? 

Let's find out, digging up the retail, unsubsidized prices for the basic 16 GB (iPhone 6) or 32 GB versions in 10 big markets, as when it comes to carriers, they usually run for the same $200-$300 with a contract, depending on the model. We are taking the official Apple, Samsung and HTC pricing for each country here, though you can sometimes find those flagships for less on Amazon, for instance. All prices have been converted to their USD equivalent for easier comparison.

                           Apple iPhone 6       Samsung Galaxy S6       HTC One M9     Galaxy S6 edge

           US                   $649                              $679                           $650                      $780

           UK                   $799                              $887                           $860                      $1034

           Germany         $756                              $756                           $810                      $919

           France             $767                              $810                           $810                      $968

           Italy                 $788                              $799                           $802                      $962

           Russia             $933                             $933                            $822                      $1086

           Brazil               $1110                            $920                           $1136                    $1136

           Japan              $732                               n/a                               n/a                          n/a

          China                $853                             $889                            $773                      $982
          Australia          $755                             $755                             $831                      $868

As you can see, the iPhone 6 ranges in price from $649 in the US, to the whopping $1110 (yes, Brazil did it again). The Galaxy S6, however, is more expensive than the iPhone 6 in most countries, or equal in price in the rest, and don't even get us started on the HTC One M9 pricing range. 

All in all, American users have it good with their flagship smartphone pricing, both carrier and retail, while BRICS countries like Brazil, Russia and China, seem to have too many people with too much windfall disposable income that warrant the up to 30% markup on the most popular flagships for the season, compared to the US.


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