Slowly dropping in price, AT&T's Palm Pre Plus is now selling for $99.99

Slowly dropping in price, AT&T's Palm Pre Plus is now selling for $99.99
Although it remains to be the only sliding portrait QWERTY smartphone with a touchscreen on AT&T's lineup, the Palm Pre Plus just recently saw its price reduced to $99.99 on-contract – but it's not going to be alone on their lineup sporting the rare form factor. Can you hear the echoes of the BlackBerry Bold/Torch 9800 Slider just around the corner? Sure you can still find this handset priced at free through select online retailers, such as Amazon or Wirefly, but AT&T is now selling this webOS powered handset for less than $100 after a $50 instant discount. It's almost amazing to still find this handset priced so high amongst the rash of high-end smartphones released recently, but we're sure there are still some consumers out there curious about the platform that manages to execute multi-tasking the best. If you're not into signing contracts, your eyes might perk up just a little with its $299 no-contract pricing. There's no reason why it received a price drop, but it still pales in comparison to Verizon's pricing for their version of the handset.

Palm Pre Plus Specifications | Review

source: AT&T via Everything Pre


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