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Siri burned by The Simpsons

Siri burned by The Simpsons
Siri has always been polarizing app. Some find the service to be legitimately helpful and use it regularly to perform various tasks; others have nothing but trouble in getting Siri to understand basic commands or return relevant information; and, there are reports that suggest that most users flat out ignore Siri's existence altogether. It looks like The Simpsons falls into that second category.

As you would expect, The Simpsons have exaggerated the issue for comedic effect, and obviously Siri has no power to completely delete your contacts, but it's still amusing. Of course, Apple gets to be the butt of jokes on the iconic show simply because the iPhone has a space as a cultural touchstone far more than Android. The mass media gives attention to Apple because it is a much more easily understood single entity, but maybe with the moves Google is making that could change with time. 

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