Sidekicks gets yanked off T-Mobile's web site - temporarily out of stock

Sidekicks gets yanked off T-Mobile's web site - temporarily out of stock
The fallout of what happened with the Sidekick server meltdown will continue to be a black eye for everyone that was involved. Following the aftermath and recovery, T-Mobile has decided to take out their entire Sidekick lineup from their online and retail store offerings. This would be considered to some as a smart move – people might see it as T-Mobile being extremely concerned for its customers. You definitely don't want to continue marketing and selling a product if their services cannot be supported at the current time. This might be an indefinite move, but we're sure things will start rolling along once the recovery and rebuilding process continues to push forward. Maybe over time, the Sidekick lineup may be able to regain that confidence back. And of course, there is no word on when sales will continue – let's hope they work out the kinks before anything else.

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