Samsungs wants us to spell its models in funny way

Samsungs wants us to spell its models in funny way
Yesterday, Samsung officially announced its new model of the “Soul of Ultra” series, called the Soulb. Please note the superscript used for the last letter of the model name; according to Samsung, this is the one and only correct way to spell it. All media is advised to include the model logo above articles concerning it, and when it is not feasible to do so, to type it with superscript.

According to us, this is ridiculous because often, there is no option to use the superscript. In many places, such as an article or a phone specifications titles, one cannot use it even if they want to. Google, Yahoo!, and all other search engines also don’t know “what superscript means” and recognize “Soulb” just as “Soulb”, although for Samsung it is not correct.

We advise Samsung, all other manufacturers, carriers and their PRs: please, use better model naming scheme, and don’t ask us to do the impossible.

As you can see in the attached image of Samsung’s very own press release (left), we are not the only ones who type it as “Soulb” instead of using superscript.

Attached (right) is also Samsung’s “clarification material”, explaining how to type and pronounce the new model.

PhoneArena Team.

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