Samsung's opening statement calls Apple's suit "an attack on Android"

Samsung's opening statement calls Apple's suit
Apple and Samsung have exchanged opening statements in the second patent trial between the two tech firms. Apple is suing Samsung for $2 billion, while Samsung seeks $7 million. Apple's attorney, Harold McElhinny, showed  video of the original Apple iPhone introduction made by Steve Jobs and accused Samsung of copying features like slide-to-unlock. McElhinny used what he called a "cut and paste" approach to design the Galaxy line of smartphones and the Galaxy Tab line of tablets.

During Samsung's opening statement, attorney John Quinn said that while "Apple is a great company, they don't own everything." Quinn states that Apple's suit is an attack on the Android OS and accused Apple of trying to prevent competition. Turning to the jury, the attorney brought up the $2 billion that Apple is seeking from Samsung. That amount, said Quin, is "a gross exaggeration and an insult to your intelligence".

As the plaintiff, Apple will be presenting its case first with marketing executive Phil Schiller expected to take the stand. Samsung is expected to call on Google to provide some of its witnesses and experts. The Korean manufacturer is expected to use these witnesses to prove that it had licensed four out of the five patents it is accused by Apple of infringing. Also expected to testify on Samsung's behalf is the father of Android, Andy Rubin.

Some of the devices listed in filings related to this case include the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung GALAXY Note II, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the Apple iPhone 4, Apple iPhone 4s, Apple iPhone 5, Apple iPad 2, Apple iPad 3, Apple iPad 4, Apple iPad mini, and fourth and fifth generation iPod touch.

source: WSJ via MacRumors, SlashGear




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12. Sauce unregistered

Samsung can't fight this alone so they bring Android as a whole into this. Funny that Samsung needs help against the "silly" company they make fun of in their commercials. So yea, haha xD

24. jroc74

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You do realize some stuff Apple is accusing Samsung of is from stock Android...

35. stealthd unregistered

You do realize that Samsung would still be liable for infringement if it's on their phone, even if it is in stock Android. . .

29. Berzerk000

Posts: 4275; Member since: Jun 26, 2011

The Galaxy Nexus is apparently infringing on them too, but instead of going after Google, the company who actually makes the software on the Galaxy Nexus, they go after Samsung, who had nothing to do with the software in the Galaxy Nexus. Samsung is correct in saying this is an attack on Android, considering Google's flagship Nexus of 2011 is involved in the case, and Apple is too afraid to go against the person responsible for those "infringements". Let's see how Apple reacts when Google is brought in, since Google is the one they should have been suing anyways.

58. jroc74

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Thank point exactly.

30. Topcat488

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You should change your name to "APPLE SAUCE"... Hahaha O.o

33. Sauce unregistered

You should change your name to "TAKESBAITWAYTOOEASILY" Hahaha O.o


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Tomorrow :-D

40. Sauce unregistered

Tomorrow!!! ^_^ Can it come any sooner!?

37. joey_sfb

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Sauce is an Apple fanboy pretending to be a tech lover.

44. Sauce unregistered

Joey is a butt-hurt fanboy looking for closure.

47. PapaSmurf

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LOL ouch.


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@sauce see my profile pic. I really can't wait!

56. Sauce unregistered

Sweeeeet! Same here bro. Same. Here.

60. joey_sfb

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I am waiting for a full fledged Windows 8.1 or 9 device that can make phone call with a battery life of 12 hours. Able to run adobe creative suit. That is my closure. Apple iOS toys are for their fanboy like sauce.

61. Sauce unregistered

You still mad? It's been like what, several hours? Chill looooool. Don't bust your brain.

63. joey_sfb

Posts: 6794; Member since: Mar 29, 2012

Why should I be mad? I reason with you that having open competition is the key to technological advances. You disagree. To you Apple owns everything. I was a Apple fan before. I still have 2 macbook pro and an iPad 3. I also have lenovo think center an AIO. 2 android tablets, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and note pro 12.2, 2 phones Note 2 and Note 3. I don't have to be a fan to any. I bought all of them with my own money. They served me not the other way around.

64. Sauce unregistered


59. Berzerk000

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Maybe you shouldn't be baiting, it goes against the discussion rules.

2. UglyFrank

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3. sipha

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Is this like a continuation of the old trail or is it a whole new matter??

5. maherk

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totally new matter. Apple wants 2 billions for 5 patents Samsung are using in their devices, 4 of them are registered patents for google, and all of them are used by every OEM that has android powered devices.

50. The-Sailor-Man

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The UGLIEST thing will be , if both US companies(Google and Apple), the US cort, and US President, turn against the Korean company, just to protect the US interest. Every decent person on the World , see that this, what Apple is doing, is panicky, helpless BS.

4. maherk

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Apple chose to file the lawsuit against Samsung and not google because they know they have a big chance of winning the case against a Korean company on the U.S soil. If Apple chose to file it against google, I am pretty sure the lawsuit wouldn't have been accepted. Just look when Apple was rescued by the President last year.

6. androtaku

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baby crying out for big brother and mama

43. The-Sailor-Man

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Not really. Samsung just call Google to testify, that those are Android features used in Google Nexus, too.. This "big brother and mama" BS was implanted in your empty head, by the tech media. Right? They alway write headlines that make Samsung to look pathetic.

62. androtaku

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technically,what you saying fits the definition of calling out for mama,just how you use your "no empty head" to look at it

8. camera531

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When Apple releases their phablet this year, can Samsung sue them for copying the Note line?

11. androtaku

Posts: 246; Member since: Dec 12, 2013

yes,if samsung patented "phablet",which unfortunately they didn't you can only sue if you had patented your design,for which each patent need an average 3.5 years to complete,so better respect anything that is patented

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