Samsung won’t even have a press conference at MWC, wants its own show?

Samsung won’t even have a press conference at MWC, wants its own show?
Samsung has already toned down our big expectations for MWC - the Koreans said they won’t launch the Samsung Galaxy S III at the European mobile congress, but interestingly they’ve also confirmed that they won’t even have a press conference. This supposedly means that Samsung is not only not bringing the S III - it’s possibly not bringing anything major to the show.

Previously, though, the company has said that it “is looking forward to introducing and demonstrating exciting new mobile products at Mobile World Congress 2012.”

If Samsung goes with its former plans, it’s expected to bring a new tablet, featuring the new quadcore Exynos 5250 chip and possibly a high-res display. We’re also looking forward to the first Tizen devices, incorporating elements of MeeGo and bada. Those handsets are expected to be relatively affordable.

"Samsung’s products are getting more attention. Why should we want news that is lost amid other press releases. It’s too costly," said Choi Gee-sung, chief executive of Samsung.  Additionally, the timing of those big shows often doesn't coincide with the ideal one for the company. On the flipside of things, journalists and others who want to see the best of the industry in a single show, would need to fly to separate events to see a single product.

This marks an intentional strategy by the biggest in the industry to ditch large consumer shows for their own events. Apple has done it, Microsoft has announced they will start doing it and Samsung definitely has the capacity and user interest to go with its own events.

source: PCMag


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