Samsung wants to produce bendable displays in the US, files patent


Samsung is one of the many companies in the smartphone industry that is trying to innovate all the time. Although the changes it brings are not always obvious, the South Korean company couldn't have become world's largest smartphone makers without creating some of the technology in its own labs.

Rumors about a foldable smartphone made by Samsung date from years ago, but aside from the Galaxy Round, which wasn't really a failed attempt, the South Korean company did not push this particular technology.

However, it looks like Samsung might be willing to take some risks, as the company has reportedly registered for a patent for technology that will allow it to produce bendable displays in the United States.

According to industry sources, the technology behind this patent would allow the organic light-emitting diode displays to be folded and bent inwards. This isn't the first time that Samsung files patents for foldable or bendable displays, but the recent report is more important since it follows another report that claims Samsung was granted a patent for software that could be used to power this type of displays.

On top of that, reputable sources say Samsung plans to launch two new smartphones next year at Mobile World Congress, which will benefit from the bendable technology. One of the phones will fold in half, whereas the other one may unfold from a 5-inch form factor into an 8-inch size.

Although it's hard to believe that the only two high-end smartphones that Samsung launches every year at Mobile World Congress will include foldable, bendable displays, it's worth noting that the South Korean company is trying hard to come up on the market with something really revolutionary. It remains to be seen whether or not these reports hold true.

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