Samsung unveils the first UFS memory card set, world's fastest


How would you like it if your expandable phone storage is as fast as an SSD drive, if you could read a 5 GB movie in 10 seconds, or shoot and write to it RAW photos in sequential bursts? Well, Samsung swoops in to the rescue, as it just outed the world's first UFS cards in the microSD format. UFS stands for Universal Flash Storage and the second edition of this standard is what you can find as internal memory storage in the better Galaxy smartphones. 

We'll spare you the exact numbers, but suffice it to say that the new UFS cards have five times the read and two times the write speeds of existing microSD cards, even of the faster varieties. Samsung is touting the UFS crop as suitable for drones, DSLRs, action and VR cams, etc., but something tells us nobody would sniff at putting one of these bad guys in their phone, too. The only downside? Samsung still hasn't announced the pricing, which could be a bad omen.

source: Samsung

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