Samsung promises to release aGPS fix for Galaxy S phones by September

Samsung promises to release aGPS fix for Galaxy S phones by September
Although there are some handset owners who aren't experiencing issues with their specific Samsung Galaxy S handset, there apparently seems to be a lot of people reporting about GPS issues. We've already reported that Samsung was mindful to hearing a lot of complaints regarding aGPS problems found on the recently launched Samsung Captivate and Vibrant. Owners complained that it would take a lengthy amount of time before the handset receives a lock on their location via aGPS. Samsung has already stated that they were in the process of looking into the issue and providing an update that will correct it. Now we're being given some additional information regarding that fix after Samsung's web product analyst, Carla Saavedra, promised that the fix would come some time in September. The update itself would apply to both the US and international variants of the Galaxy S, but there is no indication if they will all get it at the same time. Let's cross our fingers and hope that it'll land some time closer to the beginning of the month as opposed to the end – we're sure there are some in dire need of it.

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