Samsung HM7000 Bluetooth headset hands-on

Samsung HM7000 Bluetooth headset hands-on
Late last month, Samsung introduced its latest Bluetooth headset aimed at the business end user – the Samsung HM7000. Utilizing Samsung’s Isolat technology, this spiffy looking earpiece will provide enhanced clarity with your conversations as it adapts to the always-changing environmental conditions. Of course, it does its fancy thing while keeping you looking nonchalant with its elongated microphone design.

Without a doubt, the design of the Samsung HM7000 is by far its biggest attraction as it sits firmly on our ear pointing its long microphone out into space. Thanks to plastic construction, it doesn’t feel too irritating to wear since it’s very lightweight. And on top of that, the gel-like ear bud doesn’t feel too irritating as its brushes up against the inside of our ear.

Additionally, the other unique thing about this fellow, is the accompanying combinational traveling case and charger that comes packaged along with it. Besides being able to holster the headset when it’s not being used, you can actually place it within the case where it’ll get some additional charging time. Not surprisingly, the case it indeed helpful in providing additional battery life that would prove essential for heavy chit-chatters out there.

Positioned as a premium headset offering, its $99.99 pricing is actually quite fitting taking into account all of its abilities. Aside from the visual flare it brings to the table, it includes other tangible features that aids in keeping things hands-free as much as possible – like voice recognition and support for the Freesync application for Android.

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