Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging pad $39.99 at Verizon

Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging pad $39.99 at Verizon
Earlier this month, we told you that everything you needed to wirelessly charge your Samsung Galaxy S4 was available from Samsung's online store. Now, Verizon has started offering online the replacement back cover required to recharge the flagship Android model sans wires. Because the special cover uses the Qi wireless charging technology, it is compatible with the Nokia DT-500 wireless charging pad offered by Big Red. Verizon sells both the cover and the pad in a bundle for $89.98.

The back cover is available in both black and white. Because it uses the Qi technology, it can be used with any wireless charging pad that supports Qi, It just so happens that the Nokia pad is the one carried by Big Red. Just realize that if you decide to go with wireless charging and buy the replacement cover, it will add a bit of extra thickness to your Samsung Galaxy S4.

source: Verizon via DroidLife

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