Samsung D880 DUOS is GSM with two SIM cards

When we are talking about GSM phones, we must note the role of SIM card – it is a small chip that stores information on your account and allows the device to communicate with the carrier and in this way be usable as a phone. This means that if you have two accounts, you must have two phones or switch the one with the other, only one being active at the same time. That was until now.

Samsung D880 DUOS is the first GSM phone from major manufacturer (earlier there were solutions from Chinese brands with contestable qualities) to work with 2 SIM cards at the same time. In standby both cards are active and when dialing, DUOS asks which one to be used. The two can have different tone for incoming call and when one arrives, the phone says which card (number) it is destined to.

Features of the DUOS include 2.3” QVGA display, 3.2-megapixel camera, Stereo Bluetooth and FM radio.

Samsung SGH-D880 DUOS will be available for about $700 among Europe countries in November.

via UnwiredView

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