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SEGA making a new Sonic Jump game

SEGA making a new Sonic Jump game
There seems to be a disturbing new trend in gaming to take known properties, and rather than make a mobile version that makes sense for the title, companies are deciding to make another casual game like the thousands of others and just try to capitalize on the name brand. Earlier, we saw a new Zaxxon game take this path (although we're not sure what kind of brand value Zaxxon has these days,) and Sonic is the latest on this bandwagon.

Rather than see another episode in the pretty solid (although expensive) Sonic series of smartphone games, SEGA has decided that it would be a good idea to make another endless jump game like Doodle Jump, Space Jump, Super Jump, Snail Jump, Hungry Monkey, Astro Jump, Mega Jump, City Jump, Donkey Jump, Bird Jump, Jelly Jump, Papi Jump, Happy Poo Jump, Froggy Jump, Pac'n Jump, and many many many more. 

You may notice that out of all of those jump games only one other is trying to capitalize on a branded character (and no it's not Happy Poo), Pac-man. So, SEGA wants to take on this saturated market by bringing back Sonic Jump, a game that existed on  feature phones a few years ago (and more than likely still exists in Japan on feature phones). 

No word on really anything about this because the SEGA Blog post simply read, "New Sonic Jump coming to mobile soon," but we're pretty sure there really isn't anything else to know. It's a jump game, with Sonic.

source: SEGA via Venture Beat
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