Results: Which 2017 flagship are you looking forward to most?

Results: Which 2017 flagship are you looking forward to most?
2016 is pretty much over and all major smartphones have been released and are up on the store shelves. The playing board has been set, and all the players are doing their best to grab as much from the market as they can — especially now that the holiday season is on. And we, the users, have all pretty much decided on which 2016 phone is our favorite... or the biggest disappointment for us.

So, with all that said, we are all getting hyped up for 2017 — Samsung has some Note 7 sins to atone for, and Apple owes its fans a new design. HTC was on a great path with the 10 and may really wow us with its successor. LG and Motorola's modular concepts are interesting, and we can't wait to see how they evolve. Google's Pixel wowed us on some levels, but we feel the second generation is the one that will really hit all the sweet spots. We thought we'd ask you — which top-tier 2017 smartphone are you looking forward to? Here's how the votes tallied up:

Which 2017 top-tier phone are you looking forward to most?

Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
LG V30
Sony Xperia XZ 2
HTC 11 (or however it's numbered)
Google Pixel 2 / XL
Apple iPhone 8 / Plus
OnePlus 4
Motorola Moto Z2 / Force
Other (comment below)


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