Report a crime on your iOS or Android device at the touch of a button

Report a crime on your iOS or Android device at the touch of a button announced on Wednesday a new mobile app for the iOS and Android platforms that allows you to anonymously report a crime at the touch of a button. The app is available free from iTunes and the Android Market. Company co-founder Eman Pahlevani explained that the reason for the app is to alert law enforcement during those "tense situations" when the police cannot be called. Pahlevani says, "There are other times when inconvenience or fear of reprisal prevents one from reporting an incident. That is when CrimePush is desperately needed. CrimePush allows the more than 100 million smartphone users the opportunity to become the eyes and ears of authorities."

If a crime is spotted, those using the app will be able to provide location information, pictures, video, audio and a text description of the crime to assist first responders. Other features include the ability to alert friend and family of your location when you are threatened. The app also records domestic violence, acts of intimidation, physical violence and verbal threats. When you are traveling in a dark or unfamiliar environment, the app will act as your personal security device. If you are having a medical emergency, the app will help summon help. And with the app, you can alert school authorities to bullying, vandalism and other illegal actions. says it will work with businesses and high schools, law enforcement agencies, universities and international mobile carriers. As of now, the company has relationships with the Washington DC’s Metropolitan Police Department. At the educational level, Virginia school boards in Fairfax and Loudoun County have joined the team along with some Washington, DC Universities. The first customized safety app to hit the online app stores will be released for George Mason University. Another launch will take place in the Spring for High Schools in Loudon County,Virginia which is the fastest growing country in the nation.



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