RIM has cash and hardware for would-be game developers

RIM has cash and hardware for would-be game developers
The BlackBerry maker has another developer initiative underway, this one pointed at game developers. “The BlackBerry Got Game Port-a-Thon” will begin on November 16th and is a 36-hour event focused on getting games ready for BlackBerry 10. It is a virtual event, so participation is relatively simple. If you are a developer, all you need to do is register and log-in.

Bring your existing games, or you can build new gaming apps, and RIM will have experts available throughout the event to assist in getting your games ready for BlackBerry 10. RIM is really pulling out all the stops they can find to get people on board, and with The BlackBerry Got Game Port-a-Thon, the company has plenty of incentives to get involved.  "The more you port and build, the more you get," and to that end, check out these incentives:

  • If you get one or two gaming apps ported and approved, you will get $100 per app
  • If you get between two and five gaming apps approved, you will get $100 per app and a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet
  • If you are on a roll and get five to ten gaming apps approved, you will get $100 per app, a PlayBook and a Dev Alpha device (first 100 qualified participants only)
  • If you turn out to be rock star, get more than ten gaming apps approved, you will get $100 per app, a PlayBook, a Dev Alpha device (first 10 qualified participants only) plus a ticket to Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, March 25-29, 2013.

Naturally, you will want to make sure you are ready before the Port-a-Thon begins, register for BlackBerry App World, request signature keys, load your BlackBerry tools, and have your images and icons ready. For details and the fine print, see the source link below.

Once you are ready though, you can expect one-on-one support if you need it while you are porting your game. RIM will also have some additional resources available such as accomplished developers on-hand and presentations that can give you tips and ideas to help with your app.

So, if you are a developer, or know a developer, this information may come in useful. RIM is certainly doing everything it can to ensure that BlackBerry 10 has the goods when it finally launches and it is clear that the company recognizes that app developers are significant part of that path to success.

source: BlackBerry Developer Blog

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