RIM finally brings aboard cellphone triangulation to their location based services

RIM finally brings aboard cellphone triangulation to their location based services
You might be scratching your head a bit after hearing about this one, but it looks like RIM has finally gotten themselves into employing cellphone triangulation into their location based services. Almost considered as a standard commodity nowadays on most smartphones, RIM's new geo-location service can now rely on cell phone towers to get a broad fix on your location – it's now part of their Locate Service. Naturally this can be seen as a nice offering since it'll quickly provide some general information to a BlackBerry handset while trying to receive a more accurate fix via GPS. Developers can now start implementing this with preexisting applications or concoct new ones to take advantage of it. So even if your particular BlackBerry doesn't feature a built-in GPS receiver, it'll still be location-aware thanks to all of this. But when you think about it more, GPS is becoming a way too standard thing on most handsets – even some basic flip handsets. Nevertheless, we'd imagine that this will be well implemented by developers in the very near future.

source: BlackBerry DevBlog


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1. BlackberryUser

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Wow.. Really.. GPS IS standard on ALL handsets. Navigation features may not be, but it's required for 911 and has been for all new activated phones for awhile.

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