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QuickClick lets you assign shortcuts to your phone's volume buttons at will


Developer: BlorDownload: Android
Genre: ToolsPrice: Free (with in-app purchases)

QuickClick is a nifty free app that lets you assign practically every Android function you'll ask for to your smartphone's volume buttons. It has a well organized interface that's quite thorough with options, but the essential functionality is not complicated. You open the app and tap the Plus button to add a New Action.

Then, you choose one of many available actions to be performed. Actions are organised in categories, such as Flashlight (turn the LED or on off), Photo & Video (take a photo with pre-set camera options), Dictaphone (initiate voice recording in a pre-set format and quality setting), Call & Message (call a particular contact), App (open an app, shortcut, or activity), Configuration (toggle stuff such as Wi-Fi activity on or off), and more.

Then you define a click sequence with volume buttons. QuickClick offers many possible combinations, so it's quite literally up to you to come up with something usable. Defining the sequence is followed by configuring the app to listen for clicks only in specific scenarios, or a combination of them - for example, while the screen is off or on, locked or unlocked. Tap "Finish" and you are all set!

Every action you defined can be edit further by tapping on it in the app's main screen. You can also define its notification settings, or simply delete it and start anew. Additionally, there is an elaborate Settings panel to fine-tune the app's behavior so it drains as little battery life as possible.

QuickClick is quite the powerul tool if you are into working with shortcuts. It also happens to be a free download from the Google Play Store. For an additional dollar or two, you can support the developer and ditch the non-intrusive advertisements.
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