Pre users reporting problems with the phone

Pre users reporting problems with the phone
Some Palm Pre users are reporting problems with their device. Some have posted on forums about a yellow discoloration of the screen that in some cases is followed by the device turning itself off. Most of the complaints are focusing on problems at the bottom of the display. Sprint has made some exchanges where they had stock to be able to do so, although some posters say they have not been able to convince the store where they bought the phone to exchange their Pre for a new one.

There have been some other complaints including some users saying that the phone gets too hot while in use. Some have noticed that light appears to be "leaking" out of the bottom of the screen. Is this what RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie had in mind when he said that smartphone buyers should expect new devices to come with bugs out of the box?  Of course, the executive was talking in the beginning of the year in reference to the troubled launch of his firm's own BlackBerry Storm. But if the problems with the Pre widen to include more units and more problems, you might find the Pre's launch compared to the release of the Storm and that would appear to prove that Mr. Balsillie's theory is correct.

source: everythingpre, precentral via Gizmodo



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