Poll results: Do you like the new members of Sony's X-line?

Poll results: Do you like the new members of Sony's X-line?

We asked you yesterday if you like what you are seeing in the two new Xperias that Sony just announced, and whether you think the company is on the right track with them. The largest part of our 1229 respondents went to the "Sony can do better" choice, which is certainly valid for each and any effort from the renowned electronics maker. The second most popular choice went to the Xperia XZ aficionados, while next in line were the folks that like both the XZ and X Compact, pending initial reviews, we'd assume.

Sony took notice of the enhanced competition in Android land this season, and just outed two brand spanking new phones that look very promising, at least on paper and after initial handling. The Xperia XZ and X Compact share the same enhanced 23 MP camera sensor that promises blur-free and color-accurate photos, thanks to the new Laser AF system, and the RGBC-IR color sensor. They also offer 5-axis digital image stabilizationduring video sessions for the first time in a phone, as well as plenty of manual controls like exposure, shutter speed, or focus points.

The signature Sony chassis has also been reworked to feature the so-called "Unified Design" that seamlessly "loops" the glass front with the metal rear that now features a new ALKALEIDO alloy that is shinier and more pleasant to the touch than other metal handsets becoming ubiquitous these days. Sony also starts using the side-agnostic USB-C connector in its phones for the first time here, and the phones are plenty powerful offering top-shelf or midrange Snapdragon chipsets, with the typical two-day battery life promise from Sony. In addition, the Xperia XZ is also IP68-rated for dancing in the rain or swimming in the pool, and there are some nice stereo sound recording enhancements in the audio department. 

Do you like the new members of Sony's X-line?

I like the Xperia XZ
I like the X Compact
I like them both
Meh, Sony can do better

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