Palm Pre takes a bath in a glass full of beer

Palm Pre takes a bath in a glass full of beer
Just watching this video makes you wonder why would someone even attempt this act – but an offer for an iPhone seems tempting enough for this individual. Apparently this person had problems with his Palm Pre's screen cracking randomly – even once in his shirt pockets. Although these events can sometimes be explained, probably caused by pressure, it still frustrated him because it happened three times in many months. Consuming alcoholic beverages and hearing an offer from his boss to get an iPhone was just too tempting as you can see. After dunking Palm's saving grace, lots of things probably go through your mind during this process. Mobile phones are known to be a breeding ground for nasty germs and bacteria, so it's almost hard fathoming that this person starts chugging away after it's been soaking. After quite some time, we finally see the screen start to go and witness the final demise of a great phone. Then again the temptation of getting an iPhone may make it worth while for some. Let's just hope he has insurance on it!

via Gizmodo


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