Palm Pre makes Popular Mechanic's top gadgets of 2009

Palm Pre makes Popular Mechanic's top gadgets of 2009
With 2009 winding down, we have to look back and reflect on some big name phones to hit the market during a period of economic stress. Popular Mechanics has recently named the Palm Pre as one of “The 10 Most Brilliant Products of 2009.”  It's an exclusive list to be on; especially when you're included on a broad list of products. We've definitely had our fill of the Palm Pre which was first introduced in January to the world – bringing back some life to Palm since then. Hailed to some as Palm's saving grace, the Pre managed to enter the crowded market with their very own smooth looking WebOS platform. It brought along some great technologies that really made it revolutionary in a way – inductive charging comes into mind. Who knows what being on this prestigious list might do for the smartphone – hopefully it'll bring Palm back into the positive in terms of profit. You never know, 2009 may be known in the mobile world as the year of the Palm Pre.

source: Popular Mechanics via IntoMobile

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