Overclocked Google Nexus 7 scores high on Quadrant Benchmark

Overclocked Google Nexus 7 scores high on Quadrant Benchmark
Today's devices are faster than we could ever have imagined just a few short years ago. For those who are never happy with the speed of his/her handset or tablet, there is the option to overclock your unit. Remember the old "Speed Kills" banner that used to be displayed at Oakland Raider home games? Well, in the case of overclocking your device, speed does kill-your mobile device that is. Like a person who overtaxes his body by burning the candle at both ends, overclocking your device could lead to an early demise. The battery life becomes shorter and the device could run dangerously hot. But on the other hand, your mobile device turns into Usain Bolt running the 100 yard dash.

Take a developer named "Morfic". He took the quad-core Tegra 3 processor on his Google Nexus 7 tablet and overclocked it to 1.64MHz. The result? How about a Quadrant Benchmark score above 7,000 with battery life that is still good. "Morfic" uses the Trinity Kernel Toolbox which allows him to overclock for gaming and underclock at other times to achieve the battery life that he does. Yeah, some might say that what this is all about is satisfying the male ego. You know, the "mine is faster than yours" kind of thing. But isn't pushing the envelope how we got to the point we are at technology wise?

source: XdaDevelopersforum via AndroidCommunity

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