Over 5,000 apps removed from Apple App Store

Over 5,000 apps removed from Apple App Store
As we reported the other day, Apple has come into Dodge clutching its trusty six shooter, promising to clean up the city. With new policies in place, the App Sheriff removed more than 5,000 apps that no longer meet the new rules. From now on, Apple will not allow any images of women or men wearing bikinis. Showing skin is not acceptable. No silhouettes that are suggestive. No sexual  connotations or innuendo. Anything that is sexually arousing will be banned and no apps will be allowed that even imply sexual content. This list came from the developer of Wobble iBoobs, one of the apps that was taken off the App Store just the other day, and reflects a conversation the developer of Wobble had with Apple. The App Store has a huge lead over other application stores like the Android Market and Windows Marketplace for Mobile. But if Apple starts to take this censoring thing too seriously, well, you just might find the other stores catching up fast.

source: Chillifresh


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