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Some old iPhone X cases may not fit the iPhone XS, after all


The new iPhone XS has absolutely the same dimensions as the outgoing iPhone X and third-party case makers are listing their X cases as compatible with the XS. Apple, however, doesn't and has removed most mentions of the X from its accessory website.

One of the reasons Apple doesn't want you to browse the X-files anymore is because its first notch-ed phone is being phased out and completely replaced by the XS, even going by the same price tag. 

The other could be that the XS camera bump turned out to be slightly larger than what we have on the X, and the hall sensor has been moved around, too. The sensor detects when you use a folio-type case, and open and close its cover, lighting up the screen when you flip it. Reportedly, the iPhone X Leather Folio case doesn't reportedly work with the XS precisely because of that.

Not everyone is a fan of folio cases, of course, but even those with regular ones who want to get the XS and continue using their iPhone X wrappers might have a problem. Cases that fit snuggly around the vertical camera area of the X may have issues fitting the longer and slightly wider area of the XS there. 

The iPhone XS' camera bump is 1.37mm taller, and cases for the phone fit rather loose around the iPhone X camera, as you can see in the picture here, while snug, skin-type X wrappers may have stretching issues around the XS camera, so word to the wise if you want to use your old case on your new XS.

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