Oh Snap! ROM shows no Inner Circle for HTC S522 on T-Mobile?

Oh Snap! ROM shows no Inner Circle for HTC S522 on T-Mobile?
WMExperts is reporting that a person known for his custom ROM work has somehow been able to procure a copy of the ROM for the upcoming HTC Snap (aka S522, aka the Maple and aka the Captain according to the ROM files) and has made the important discovery that files for the "Inner Circle" did not appear. The application was designed for you to filter your email by friends and family so that when you requested your email on the phone, posts that came in from your pre-selected favorites would show up on the top of your in-box and all the mail about the amazing shamwow diet would be all the way at the bottom of the box. We reported about the feature earlier this month and its absence from the handset would be considered a huge negative. An interesting feature that did show up on the ROM is the Audio Postcard which allows you to add borders around a picture that you've just taken with the device. You can then add up to 60 seconds of audio before sending the picture on its merry way via email or MMS. Right now, we expect to see this cellphone heading out T-Mobile's doors starting in July which means many things could change before then, including the exclusion of the "Inner Circle". Pricing is another ball in the air being juggled right now.

HTC S522 Specifications | Hands-on

source: WMExperts

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