OTOY allows gamers to play PC games on mobile phones

OTOY allows gamers to play PC games on mobile phones
Ever dreamed about the day when you'll see the latest PC games run on your cell phone? We've seen some phones like any N-Gage enabled Nokia devices and even the iPhone show the true processing power in running a pretty decent looking game. But it still does not compare to what you get on a traditional computer. You'll find it more impressive seeing the graphics intensive shooter, Crysis, run oh so smoothly on a Samsung OMNIA. The YouTube video shows in glory how a gamer is able to play the game using the Windows Mobile powered device and an XBOX 360 controller. In reality they are using OTOY which is a soon to be server-side rendering service that allows for the seamless unison between the gamer and phone. Using the smart phone's web browser, with no installs required, users will be able to stream their game over a Wi-Fi or 3G network using OTOY. It's not yet available, but it looks pretty promising. So we might be closer to those days soon enough.

via TechCrunch


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