O2 ditches unlimited data plans in time for the iPhone 4

O2 ditches unlimited data plans in time for the iPhone 4

It's hard to imagine who decided toquickly cut off the long time beloved commodity of unlimited dataplans that's been ingrained into the minds of mobile users around theworld for the better part of the last few years. AT&T surely started to roll the ball in selling tiered data plans, whichobviously can help them reduce network congestion, but their move issure to be aggressively adopted by others. Now it looks like O2 isfollowing suit as they will cease in offering unlimited data packagesand will opt to go with plans between 500MB and 1GB – pricedrespectively at £25 ($36.48) and £60 ($87.56) which will bedependent on you minute and texting plan. Data hogs will surely keepa close eye out on usage per month now that a “bolt on” fee willbe applied as another 500MB can be eaten up for £5 ($7.29) or 1GBfor £10 ($14.59) – which will coincide with the exact plan you'reon. As much as heavy users may cringe at this radical change, thereis no denying that others will quickly follow suit in doing the same.O2 said in a statement, “97 percent of O2 smartphone customerswould not need to buy additional data allowances.” Who knows for sure who is pulling the strings at this point, but with O2 on board with the iPhone 4, it makes some people wonder the coincidence of this move after the iPhone 4's unveiling.

source: O2 via Mobileburn

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