O Canada: Rogers is first of the “Big Three” to offer Voice-over-LTE

O Canada: Rogers is first of the “Big Three” to offer Voice-over-LTE
Rogers Communications in the great white north of Canada is the first of the national carriers to deploy Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) service. For now, the only device that supports it is the LG G3 Vigor, though naturally, Rogers will expand that line-up through the year.

VoLTE allows carriers to handle voice calls over the 4G high-speed network without having to rely on traditional circuit-switched protocols. For the customer, the result is reduced time to set-up a call, and HD voice quality.

For the carriers, it allows much more efficient use and management of spectrum, effectively increasing potential capacity. Rogers says it will be able to rollout more robust features with video calls and video sharing as VoLTE gains wider acceptance across the network.

While we are sure that Telus and Bell are not far behind, Rogers can claim some extra swagger since it is the only kid on the Canadian block offering VoLTE. Saskatchewan based SaskTel was the first in Canada to roll out VoLTE.

Voice calling usage patterns may be trending downward, but the HD quality voice is pretty remarkable. Have you experienced HD voice and VoLTE?

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2. Skizzo

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Expect the monthly fees to climb do to "increased service costs." F*** the "Big 3" and everything they stand for! I'm on a 5 year old plan because I refuse to resign at a higher cost to receive less than I get now. For our friends in other countries who may not be aware of what we Canadians have to pay monthly, a mere 500MB plan starts at $70/month, or 1.5GB for $80/month!! It's not much different with any of the "Big 3" Rogers, Bell, or Telus (which is owned by Bell). They screw us while we're forced to stay bent over, knowing we have no other options if we want any kind of decent coverage.

1. waddup121 unregistered

Oh rogers...

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