Nvidia wins first round at the ITC, complaint might see Samsung's Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge, S5, and more, banned from the US

A little over a month after Nvidia first filed a complaint with the ITC over Qualcomm's and Samsung's supposed infringement of its patented technology, the not-exactly-judicial federal body has ruled in favor of the former, and an investigation is in order.

For those of you who missed out on the original story, Nvidia first felt compelled to act on September 4, as the company thinks that the $9 billion it spent on R&D since 1993 deserves some sort of a return, and that's impossible with companies that refuse to license its tech. At least the company feels so. Samsung was lightning fast to react and asserted that it will tkae "all measures necessary" to fight off the allegations made by the chipmaker.

At the core of the complaint are 7 specific patents that Nvidia claims Samsung and Qualcomm (but also ARM and Imagination Technologies) are infringing upon. According to the original statement from the company, they chose to act after several rounds of talks with Samsung led to no agreement -- Samsung, purportedly, refused to deal with the issue, as the electronics giant felt that this is an issue with its suppliers. It's quite obvious that Nvidia doesn't feel that way, and is asking for a number of high-profile Samsung devices to be banned from the States, including the Galaxy Note 3 and Note 4, the Galaxy Note Edge, and the Galaxy S4 and S5. Also threatened are Samsung slates like the Galaxy Tab S, the Galaxy Note Pro, and the Galaxy Tab 2. The issue here is that these are powered by Qualcomm or Exynos chipsets, both of which Nvidia considers to be making unfair use of its patent portfolio. 

In any case, it'll probably be a long while until we know anything for certain. We'll keep you posted.

source: Nvidia via VentureBeat
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