Nokia's CEO content with Windows Phone for now, but "anything is possible"

Nokia's CEO content with Windows Phone for now, but "anything is possible"
Hmmm, Nokia's Stephen Elop might not be Ballmer's Trojan Horse after all, or at least that's the impression left when he answered "anything is possible", to the question if there is a chance that Nokia befriends one little green robot we know.

The interview was for the Spanish newspaper El Pais, and Nokia's CEO argued that the Lumia 920 sales are pretty encouraging, and he sees the company getting double-digit market share at some point in time, then going forward to split hairs with the Android and iOS juggernauts. If the rumored thinner metal-clad Lumia with PureView tech materializes this year, he wouldn't be far off that double-digit goal either.

Here's the full quote:

There is no doubt that a combination of Nokia's PureView cameras with Android will be a dream come true for many customers, but such a project will probably be tied up by Microsoft in so much litigation, that we just don't see it before any WP contracts with Nokia expire. Rather Elop's point was that the future developments of the HTML5 standard might make today's proprietary platforms less relevant, and in that sense take the place Android has now.

source: ElPais via Gizmodo 

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