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Nokia petitioned to fix apps and notifications problems on Asha Platform handsets

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Nokia petitioned to fix apps and notifications problems on Asha Platform handsets

It looks like Nokia's Asha Platform handsets (starting with the Asha 501) haven't been holding up very well since their 2013 launch. Disgruntled Nokia Asha owner Antonio Papa has resorted to a petition to bring some very frustrating experiences with the popular "borderline smartphones" to Nokia's attention. 

While the company doesn't seem to be responsive to user complaints (there wouldn't have been a petition otherwise), the list of complaints is extensive. It begins with the simple fact that the pre-installed Facebook app won't even work out of the box - the user needs to install a Nokia-authorized version. After the fact, Facebook works, but push notifications are nowhere to be seen - they just aren't there. Sadly, it's not just Facebook - every app with Push Notifications, including Twitter and WhatsApp, don't deliver notifications on time, or at all.


Other users complain about the Nokia browser not working. It merely opens a blank page with no option to enter an URL. Users have to slide to a drop down meny, go to Google, and enter their web adresses from there. Another user restarted a Nokia 501 and somehow ended up with no browser whatsoever. And frankly, the Xpress Browser isn't available in the Asha Store. Well, at least there's Opera Mini.


If these complaints don't seem as serious as to justify raising a petition, it must be considered that all the aforementioned apps are advertised as bundled with the Asha smartphones. Therefore, they are expected to operate properly in their entirety. Considering the Asha Platform handsets are entry-level mobiles that cannot do much outside of calls, nostalgic java games, browsing, and social networking, it appears that at least half of their functionality is compromised in different ways.


source: Nokia Discussions , Petition

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