Night Mode feature coming to WhatsApp to improve pictures snapped in low-light?

Night Mode feature coming to WhatsApp to improve pictures snapped in low-light?
WhatsApp, the messaging app purchased by Facebook in 2014 for a whopping $21 billion, could be looking to add a new feature for its 1.2 billion members to enjoy. On the app's translation page is a request for the words Night Mode. No, this is not the Night Mode that reverses the black text on white background to produce a UI that won't strain your eyes at night. This is something else entirely.

The Night Mode for WhatsApp works with the camera UI to enhance the quality of  photographs taken in low-light conditions. This new button could also be added to the video calling feature as well. The translation request was for the iPhone, which means that we will probably see Night Mode appear first on iOS and then make its way to the Android version of the app.

The WhatsApp camera interface is pretty basic as far a messaging apps go these days. It lacks video filters, offers the option to zoom in and zoom out, a switch to enable or disable the LED flash, and the ability to switch from the rear-facing camera to the front-facing one. But if Night Mode does become a real feature, WhatsApp could find itself in demand by those who like to take pictures regardless of how much light is available.

source: PhoneRadar


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