Nexus 5 teardown marks nice 8/10 repairability score, just don't drop it face down

Nexus 5 teardown marks 8/10 repairability score, just don't drop it face down
Google's Nexus 5 has received the teardown treatment by iFixit we've been awaiting for with bated breath to see what makes it tick, and some interesting observations have popped up.

First off, despite the sealed unibody design, it receives a repairability score of 8/10, due to the minimum use of adhesive and the modular components that aren't tough to replace, including the 2300 mAh battery. On top of that, the destroyers found the Nexus 5 relatively easy to pry open, with the back cover holding on a few plastic clips and some bottom adhesive. The back has wireless charging coils integrated indeed, as well as NFC connectivity.

The worst piece of news from the teardown - the whole screen assembly is glued together, and it won't be a very cheap replacement if you drop your Nexus 5 face down to a nefarious surface, so we'd advise to put a protector on, but other than that the whole teardown was smooth sailing.

Nexus 5 Teardown

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source: iFixit

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