Next-gen iPad production reportedly begins in Asia with anti-reflective coating

Next-gen iPad production reportedly begins in Asia with anti-reflective coating
The vast majority of the Apple rumor mill right now is focused on the iPhone 6, the 5.5-inch iPhone, and the iWatch. The news and speculation has been so skewed towards those products that you might have forgotten that there are new iPads on the way as well. According to a new report, the next-gen iPad production has begun in Asia.

The word from the Asian supply chain is that the next iPad Air has already begun production, and the new iPad mini is just starting production now. The odd thing is that the two tablets aren't reported to release at the same time. The new iPad Air is said to launch by the end of this quarter or the beginning of the next (read: around September/October), but the new iPad mini is only listed for release at some point by the end of the year. Given that it is only entering production now, a later release wouldn't be too much of a surprise. 

However, the difference in production schedules could also be because of expected delays in the iPad Air production. Supposedly, Apple is putting a new anti-reflective coating on the iPad Air display to make it easier to read, especially in sunlight; but, that coating has been dropping the production output of the tablet. Perhaps, Apple started production a bit sooner in order to make up for the lower yield. 

The rumors have Apple announcing the new iPhones on September 9th, but there is still no word on when the new iPads will be announced. There is also no word on what is happening with the 12.2-inch iPad Pro that Apple has been said to have in the pipeline. 

source: Bloomberg



1. Vexify

Posts: 570; Member since: Jun 16, 2014

The same majority news the same rumor news right same is news on same iPhone 6, news 5.5-inch same, and news iWatch. Same news news speculation same been news skewed same those news that same might news forgotten same there news new same on news way as same. According news a same report, news next-same iPad news has same in news.

3. AlikMalix unregistered

Vexify, true. You have to give these writers some props. Apple has not announced one drop of news about iPhone 6, for all we know they may not be making another iPhone at all -- but writers know that majority of the tech readers are interested in Apple news more than any other company (calm down fanboys, I said majority, not all). So, there you go, same news different wording, ALL MADE UP based on illegitimate links. By the time Apple releases a product the hype is built up so much that they can build a space shuttle and some will be disappointed...

2. gigaraga

Posts: 1454; Member since: Mar 29, 2013

Anti-reflective? Probably just a gimmick. The iPad(s) have oleophobic coatings but as soon as you touch it, bam~ fingerprints...highly doubt this would work properly.

4. iamoa unregistered

already have plans to buy this one because i sold my ipad air just to get this one.

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