New shot-on-iPhone short film Vortex shows you don't always need expensive cameras for great video

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Shooting a cinematic video on just a phone is a bit of a cliche these days: we know that it's possible and we know people do it more and more, but this latest one is worth sharing because it pushes the boundaries with shooting technique.

Vortex is a new, 1.5-minute short movie that is shot entirely on an iPhone with the help of some tools and with a lot of creativity, and it exemplifies novel camera movement that gives an exciting new perspective on New York City.

The movie is made by film-maker Tim Sessler, who recently had 48 hours to shoot in NYC, an iPhone 8 with him and the new Freefly Movi camera gimbal. In this movie the world continually turns showing the streets and views of New York. The movie was possible to a large part because of the low-profile of shooting on a phone and a tiny gimbal. Right below, you can read how Sessler himself describes the experience of shooting this short film:

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