New lawsuit aims at iPhones rendering technology

New lawsuit aims at iPhones rendering technology
It wasn’t too long ago when Apple’s own Tim Cook blatantly stated that they will go after anyone that rips off their IP. But now it seems that another company is taking aim at the Cupertino giant over the iPhone’s screen rendering technology. We all know and love how smooth scrolling is accomplished on the device, but the technology behind it may originate from Picsel Technologies. The lawsuit filed by Nixon Peabody LLP on behalf of Picsel lawyers argues that users would experience long screen update delays if it were not for their technology they created that accelerates the process of updating the display. Additionally, zooming and panning documents, web sites, and images would not work on the phone as fluidly.  Picsel Technologies is claiming that the rendering process that Apple uses on their devices violates Picsel’s patents. It’s also worth noting that the technology has been integrated in more than 250 million units.

source: Yahoo via IntoMobile



1. Kiltlifter

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I used the picsel browser on my i730 2 years before the iphone came out and I did think that the iPhone browser looked similar and acted in much the same way. I hope that picsel gets some props, the picsel browser and image viewer software is actually really cool. If you have a WinMo phone I suggest you try it.

2. The Godfather unregistered

karma is a bitch seems like Apple really opened up Pandora's box when they declared war on anyone who mocks anything they ever did.

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