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Latest David Leitch movie is an epic "Shot on iPhone" short


Apple has just released a brand new promo video that was shot on the iPhone 11 Pro and that looks all sorts of amazing.

Directed by David Leitch, a guy described in iMDb as "a billion dollar film director" behind movies like John Wick and Atomic Blonde, this production is truly epic and you would enjoy watching it a great deal.

We, however, have one gripe with it. And it's the way it ends with the tagline: "Make your holiday videos epic". The idea is to make it sound inspirational, convince you to go ahead and create awesome videos, but let us be those boring guys that point out the obvious: it also sets the wrong kind of expectations. You really cannot make your holiday videos that epic, even if you buy a bunch of new iPhones. Sure, you will end up getting better quality video than you did on your previous phone (you would actually probably the best quality video out of a smartphone), but still you are not very likely to get anything even remotely as epic as what the professional production team at Apple has made. Nuh-huh.

If the tagline were to adhere to reality, this short film should end with the following: "you can make your videos epic IF...

  • you spend thousands of dollars on specialized equipment
  • hire dozens of actors
  • hire a helicopter for the opening scenes
  • buy a gimbal
  • hire a professional video editor
  • carefully plan a full-scale movie production
  • write a story board
  • hire a sound effects guy
  • hire a color grading specialist 

And we are probably forgetting a few things.

So yeah, no, you cannot really make your holiday videos that epic, no matter what phone you use. But it's still a cool promo and we recommend you watch it and enjoy it.
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