The best iPhone 11 Pro Max thin and clear silicone cases

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The best iPhone 11 Pro Max clear and thin cases
Just like with the iPhone XR, the newly-minted iPhone 11 successor is shaping up to be the most popular iPhone until the 2020 crop hits, due to its $699 price tag. If you want the real deal, though, the $999 iPhone 11 Pro, or the $1099 11 Pro Max (it's a mouthful) would fit the bill.

The great camera sets and the blazing chipsets are just two of the reasons to get the 2019 iPhones, despite that the 11 still skims on things like display resolution or a second telephoto lens for 2x "optical" zoom that the average iOS user may not care that much about as they would care about pricing.

The iPhone XR has an LCD panel that doesn't cost nearly as much to repair as the OLED screens of the iPhone 11 Pro and Max, but it does have a glass rear that means dropping it without a case would still cost you a pretty penny, as Apple will have to replace the whole casing. 

This is why we are rounding up some of the best slim and elegant iPhone 11, Pro and Max cases you can get right now, so you can wrap their colorful bodies the minute they are taken out of the box. Bear in mind that the Pro and Max are thicker now, and there is a "hotplate" camera area on the back, so your older XS cases won't fit, if that's what you were hoping.

Thin iPhone 11 Pro Max cases you can get right now

The best official case comes clear for the iPhone 11 Pro and Max, too!

Look, Ma, iPhone 11 Pro in clear heels case! While the transparent silicone casing was an iPhone XR privilege in 2019, the year 2019 brought its unassuming personality to the 11 Pro and Max for $39, too. Hey, that Midnight Green has to be flashed somehow, right?

Spigen Air Skin

Some case makers claim "barely there" cases, but Spigen's AirSkin line really walks the walk. Made by hardened polypropylene - you know, the stuff that plastic shopping bags are made of, it would literally fit like a glove around the iPhone 11 Pro Max, or its lesser brethren, and while reviewing it we loved the thin, stylish, and unassuming protection it offers without obstructing the phone's curves or looks.

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Moshi SuperSkin for iPhone 11 Pro Max ($29.95)

Extremely thin and available in matte version as well, Moshi's SuperSkin cases are a great wraparound for your precious iPhone 11, Pro and Max. Just don't expect military grade protection.


Free of any branding, and just 0.35mm thin, Peel is the ultimate non-branded minimalism when it comes to cases, as it wraps seamlessly around your iPhone. A subtle lip protects the protruding camera lens, and that's that. It's all you need to know about Peel's creations, which are perhaps your best bet when it comes to searching for the thinnest, lightest iPhone 11 family wrapper that still provides adequate protection while fitting in your skinny jeans.


Another 0.35mm case, the Veil by Caudabe is an easy favorite, especially considering its pricing. It's not a clear case, though the Frosty version is pretty close, but is available in several colors that perfectly match the iPhone XR's numerous hues, with more colors like red or blue for those who like to spice things up.

Totallee the Scarf

Another staple when it comes to minimalist, thin, light and clear cases, and with a name that involves scarf, you can bet that this Totallee creation is incredibly slim and airy. This one comes with both clear see-through and matte versions, as well as a variety of colors, like navy blue, for a bit of extra pizzazz.

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