Motrr Galileo for iPhone Kickstarter projects gets $700k funding

Motrr Galileo for iPhone Kickstarter projects gets $700k funding
Motrr Galileo is another Kicstarter sci-fi dream to come into reality - a robotic rotating stand/mount/dock/platform that can be controlled on iOS, that managed to hit seven time its initial $100,000 funding target and get a green light to go into mass production.

Motrr’s Galileo brings remote-controlled motion that will give you a feeling of controlling what you see ,moving it 360 degrees at speeds up to 200 degrees per second in any orientation. It’s slick, designed beautifully and coming in black and white versions, and it easily doubles as a capable tool for photographers.

The Kickstarter price to get it was a pledge of $85 with free US shipping, but now that it’s entered mass production the price is hiked to $129.95. Still, there’s a promo going on that sells the Galileo for $116.99, so you’d better smarten up and get it now while the deal lasts, if you like it of course.

The device itself weighs a mere 7 ounces and is 2 inches tall, and 3 and a quarter inches round It comes with a standard tripod screw, so you can mount it to any tripod. And before you check out the video below, here’s the list of compatible devices:

source: Motrr



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All I can say is "Kickstart" is an amazing way to fund a project!!

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Motrr Galileo is awesome and Apple sucks.

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